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How to Adopt

Furry Kids’ Refuge is a rescue made up of volunteers with jobs, families, pets, and fosters. We have 1 full time and 1 part time employee but their main job is to care for the animals that are in our small boarding facility, they do not process applications however they may review them once approved if the specific animal is one that is in their care directly. We appreciate your patience with our application and adoption processes….Thank you!

About us:

Furry Kids’ Refuge is a network of foster homes which does NOT have a public facility. Animals are not available to be viewed by the public until the adoption process has been started AND we feel you are a good candidate for the animal you have selected. Our intention is not to make the process difficult; rather, everything we do is in the best interests of the animals in our care. Our goal is to give them the best possible chance of finding a permanent, safe and loving home and to help you find the perfect match.

The public is welcomed to meet our animals which we rotate bringing to our weekly adoption events. However, please note that we have limited space at our adoption events, so it is not possible to bring all of our animals. 

Adoption Process:

Please Note: We do not adopt out of state and limit our adoptions to the KC metropolitan and surrounding areas.

Step 1: Adoption Application

Before meeting one of our animals, you will be asked to fill out an application. (Application links at the bottom of this page.) Completely fill out the application and click the submit button at the bottom of the page. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Step 2: Application Review

Our volunteers will initially screen your application (This process can take several days.)

1. If you rent your home, your landlord will be contacted to make sure you have approval to have an animal in your home. We also ask about any breed or size limitations.

2. Your veterinary reference(s) will be verified to determine if all your current pets are spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

3. Personal references may be contacted and asked questions regarding your ability to be a responsible pet owner.

At this point, our volunteer will determine if your application should move on to the next step. Since our goal is to find the perfect, safe and happy forever home for our animals, we appreciate your understanding should you be eliminated as an adoption candidate. We do our best to notify all applicants of their application status, however, due to the number of applications we process, and our limited volunteer manpower, this is not always possible. If you are not contacted, we are most likely pursuing other applications.

Step 3: Phone Interview

If your application is chosen, a volunteer will contact you within 7 days to conduct a phone interview consisting of questions about you, your family, your home and other scenarios. This interview will help us determine if you and the animal selected are a suitable match.

Step 4: Home Visit

If at the end of the interview process both parties agree to proceed, we will schedule a home visit, if required. (Not all pets require a home visit) During the home visit, we will observe the interaction with the animal, with your other animals, children, and adults. We ask that everyone in the household be present for the home visit.

Step 5: Adopt

Once the previous steps are completed and all requirements are met, the adoption can proceed. If you and the animal you would like to adopt seem to be well matched, we will make arrangements for you to meet the adoptee at one of our weekly Adoption Events. You will be required to sign an adoption contract and to provide payment of the adoption fee.

Step 6: Trial Period

At this point, the adoption trial period can begin. If at any time during the trial period you are having issues with the animal, please call us immediately at 816-277-8284. A volunteer will be in touch with you ASAP. At the end of the trial period, the adoption will be considered final unless you notify us of any issues. At that time your adoption fee will no longer be refundable.

Step 7: Post Adoption Follow-up

To ensure a successful adoption, a volunteer will contact you after the trial period. We will be interested in learning how your new pet is transitioning into your home and how the relationship between you and your forever friend is growing! We are committed to each and every animal we rescue for the rest of his/her life, so please stay in touch with us as we love getting updates!

PLEASE NOTE: Furry Kids’ Refuge reserves the right to refuse adoption. If your application for the adoption of an animal is not approved, we will do our best to explain the reason(s). Please bear in mind that denial is not a rejection of you, as a person; it is a refusal to place a particular animal in a particular situation.

Need more information? Check out our FAQ page.

Adoption Fees:

All our rescue pets are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and on heartworm preventative.   Dogs are heartworm tested. Any and all other medical treatment is provided for each animal in our care.  In addition, each companion animal is microchipped with a 24PetWatch Microchip at no cost to you.

Dogs and Puppies start at $150.00

Adoption fees may vary depending on what we have done for the animal. Furry Kids provides any and all needed medical care for all our animals – everything from dental cleanings to heartworm treatments to major surgeries, and we average spending more than what our adoption fees cover. Last year, Furry Kids spent over $76,400 on veterinary expenses alone. Donations in addition to an adoption fee are always greatly appreciated and tax deductible as allowed by law!

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